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Getting a New Dog? What You Should Consider!

Looking for a new pet? 
Won't you please consider
Adoption or Rescue?

                                              Meet "Liisa", Dr. Jokela's rescued Black Lab!                                   

Whether you are seeking your first pet, or adding to your family, or struggling with the loss of a beloved companion, opening your heart to an animal in need will bring you the greatest of joys!  Whether you are looking for a pup or kitten; a cat or dog with a little age and training; a purebred or a mutt; shelters and rescues are filled to the brim with wonderful pets in all shapes and sizes desperate for loving homes.  Please consider adoption/rescue today!

Many clients express to us after the loss of a pet that they do not want to expose themselves to the hurt of losing another pet.  We understand that pain so well, as all of us at Deer Run Animal Hospital have been through this heart wrenching loss.  We hope some will be able to consider adoption or rescue.  

A beloved pet can never be replaced.  Giving the gift of life; through rescue adoption of a lost soul that may have been abused, lost, thrown away, or tragically given up due to the tough economy; is the greatest tribute we can give to the pets that we have lost. And through this selfless act of love, many unexpectedly find that it is the only thing that will heal a broken heart.

There is an old saying, "The dog you rescue will rescue you".  A rescued dog will absorb your tears of grief and lick your face with love! 

You can find any type of pet your heart desires by starting with an internet search.  Just about every breed of cat or dog has a "rescue" site on the web.  A web search using your favorite breed and the word rescue will give you many options.  Do not let distance stop you.  Many rescues are willing to work out transportation to help you get that perfect pet to you.

                 ADOPTION IS THE OPTION!

When looking for that "perfect dog" at the shelter, or through a rescue, consider what type of lifestyle you can provide, and what type of breeds fit your family.  The links below can help you pick the perfect "MIX" of breeds.

APDT Getting a Dog; What you should consider There's lots of things to consider before bringing home a new dog as a pet for you and your family. Your lifestyle, household, children, and other pets are all factors in the decision. Whether or not it's a good time in your life to even get a dog is also vital to consider. And once you've made the decision, where do you go to find your new canine companion? Check out the Resources of the APDT at this link and also review the links below for information on how to make this important decision.

A Sound Beginning This is a wonderful book that walks owners of newly adopted dogs through all the right steps to prevent problems BEFORE they start! This book should be attached to the collar of every newly adopted dog, five months and older!  The book is also available at Deer Run at a discounted price of $12.00

The A Sound Beginning Full Package Give your newly adopted dog the best start in his new life with your family, sign up for the full training package, that includes the book, 4 training classes, online videos and handouts, and a phone call hot line should a problem arise!

Love Has No Age Limit Another great resource to learn how to welcome an adopted dog into your home.  This is the latest book from Behaviorists Patricia McConnell and Karen London. Start your life with an adolescent or older dog the right way with this great book!

Everybody Needs a "Murphy"! A story of the joys of adopting an older dog! I may know what you're thinking-"But it will die soon.  It will break my heart." Yes, it will on both counts.  But THE LOVE YOU WILL EXPERIENCE OUTWEIGHS THE PAIN TENFOLD!

WANT MORE INFO ON DOG BREEDS?  Check the links below:

PetMD's Breedopedia Learn more about your favorite dog breeds!

PetWebMD SlideShow on Dog Breed Health Problems  A link to breeds and associated health issues  This link provides information possible health problems by breed

SOME THOUGHTS BEFORE YOU PICK YOUR DOG--Many people enter into pet ownership blindly – and it can have catastrophic results. Pet ownership is a long term commitment, much like marriage. It’s best to know what you want and what you don’t before saying “I do”.

On a piece of paper, write what your “perfect” dog would look like. We are not just talking about aesthetics; this is about how he or she would relate to your family. Do you want an active dog who can go hiking, a ball freak, a couch potato compatriot, or a social butterfly that goes to dog parks and rest homes?

Now, write out what you’re willing to do to get your dog to this level: How much time would you have to train and who would help you? Do you know how to pick a qualified dog trainer? How much are you willing to spend on training items such as leashes, clickers, collars and training classes? Who is responsible for vet care, grooming and exercise? Do you travel a lot – if so are you willing to pay for boarding or house-sitters? Do you work a lot and thus you need a dog walker?

With this information, you have fleshed out what your “perfect dog” should be and how you’ll get there. Now, write all the things that your pet absolutely should NOT be like: Aggressive to strangers or small animals, pulls hard on leash, is destructive, has housebreaking issues, barks, etc.

Look at your lists and it’ll give you some great information. It may lead you to the understanding that the breed you wanted may not be best based on your life style. Be honest with yourself. Maybe a puppy isn’t as ideal as an adult dog. You may also see areas where you’ll need to spend the most attention in training. If a dog that barks all the time is your worst nightmare, research on how to stop the problem before it starts could be vital.

Lastly, discuss all of this information with your family. You may find that your “perfect” dog may not fit with the ideals of the rest of the family. Discuss pros and cons in order to come to a consensus. This may seem like a hassle now, but it save you from “counseling” or “divorce” later!

Below is a listing of local shelters and rescues to aid you in your search. 

Looking for a Purebred dog? 
AKC's Purebred Breeds Rescue Listings 
Chicago VMA Rescue Listings


Humane Society Calumet Area
421 45th Ave
Munster, IN  46321
Humane Society Calumet Area  

Schererville Animal Control
25 E Joliet St
Schererville , IN 46375
Phone: 219-865-6992
Website: Schererville Animal Control
Driving directions from IN & IL: Take route 30 east to Joliet Street. Make a left at the 1st street on the left, this will be Kennedy. Take this all the way down to the dead end and enter the gated facility. We are down 3 buildings to your Right. We go by appointment only! If looking up directs by internet or GPS our shelter address is 540 Kaeser Blvd (NOTE: this is not our mailing address)

Lake County Sheriff's Animal Adoption and Control Center
3011W. 93rd Ave.
Crown Point, IN  46307
Lake County Animal Control

Humane Society of NW Indiana
6100 Melton Rd (Hwy 20)
Gary, IN 46403
Humane Society of NW Indiana

Humane Society of Hobart, Inc.
2054 State Rd. 130
P.O. Box 108
Hobart, IN 46342-108
Hobart Humane Society

South Suburban Humane Society
1103 West End Ave.
Chicago Heights, IL  60411
(708) 755-7387
South Suburban Humane Society   

As Good as Gold, Golden Retriever Rescue
PO Box 5460
Woodridge IL 60517-0460 
As Good As Gold 

Treasured Friends
P.O. Box 9234
Highland, IN  46322
Treasured Friends

Indiana Petite Paws Rescue Angels  a rescue for Yorkies and all small breeds

Safe Haven Rescue & Adoption A NW Indiana small dog rescue